Having experienced the joys of a variety of short stories - from Roald Dahl’s spine chilling shorts for adults, to Jorge Luis Borges’s contemplation of the metaphysical - it seemed only right to share my joy with the world, and in the process, to help promote some of the many talented authors, whose works will go on to inspire future generations.

Max Raku


​Aesop magazine aims to promote both new and established authors, providing a medium to get their stories into print and spreading their work to our captive Central London audience. We believe the short story to be an under-utilised art form, and are committed to creating a medium through which they can be read and enjoyed.
60,000 copies of Aesop Magazine go to print each month, with 8,000 dispatched to local universities, members clubs & businesses, and the remaining 52,000 to be found outside transport hubs like Liverpool Street, Old Street & Farringdon. In the UK each magazine is read 5.4 times (Media Agency Group). 

With distribution focused inside of the prestigious City of London, our readership consists of primarily ABC1's (74%+), made up of males and females between the ages of 20-55. 79% of London Underground users have responded to adverts through purchases or further research (Exterion Media).