your story in the relevant issue, and potentially any subsequent issues or marketing materials e.g. Best Stories of 2015.

3. You are welcome to submit stories to several magazines, but please inform us if acceptance will affect our ability to display your work. (Or we'll both get in trouble!)

4. When submitting work, please be sure to include your name, (pen name), the title, word count and genre of your story, and a brief biography about yourself. Submissions should aim to be between 500 and 5,000 words.

5. We can't afford to pay contributors at present (here's hoping that will change soon), however we offer authors exposure to an estimated 120,000 travellers through Central London with each monthly issue. Because our license is non-exclusive, your work can also be re-used or re-sold wherever you might see fit to place it.

6. Unfortunately, we're very busy at Aesop Magazine, and depending on the volume of work we have, responses may take some time. With 10 spaces available each month and numerous themes and genres to be explored, the stories that we love are often put aside for use in future issues. Please be patient, and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


1. Please ensure that you have all relevant rights necessary to submit a work for publication with Aesop Magazine. We accept entries from both amateur and professional authors.

2. By submitting a story to Aesop Magazine, you grant us a non-exclusive publishing license, allowing us non-exclusive use of







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